How To Run Or Walk A Marathon/Half Marathon Program

Four or five month training period starts with a comprehensive marathon fundamentals course—everything you need to know to go the distance—26.2 or 13.1 miles. Includes:

Marathon training program fee for new participants: $80 first month; then $40 per month thereafter.

Memphis In Motion Training Is Guaranteed: Your marathon program fee guarantees that you will complete your marathon or half marathon goal. All you have to do is follow the proven training plan, show up, and work consistently each week. If job or family complications, or an injury deters you, you may join us and try again (at no additional charge) at any time in the future.

Advanced Marathon Training Program:

The advanced program includes effort based Tuesday tempo workouts using heart rate monitors, along with more direct coaching supervision. You must have a HR monitor for this program and you must be a graduate of the marathon fundamentals course. Advanced training principles are covered on the Advanced Marathon Training Network. To maximize your marathon training potential consider the advanced program. Includes everything in the marathon program plus:

Advanced Marathon Training Fee: $90 first month; then $50 per month thereafter.