Stair Climbing Program (January—April)

This is an off-season strength-training program for fit runners and walkers. It is not the place to get started or the place to start back if you are out of shape.

Stair Climbing is a challenging and different type of training that is the perfect workout during cold dark winter nights in Memphis. Stair climbing builds ankle strength, which accounts for 60% of the power in running. The workout is like resistance training on the run—it will make your running muscles much stronger. Your heart muscle will also get stronger.

The stair challenge takes place on Thursdays each January-April. Includes:

Fee: $35 per month

Some Concerns and Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do You Do The Workout?
We warm up for 20 minutes and cool down for 15 minutes in the basement parking area by doing laps. We climb six flights at a time, then rest and recover. Walkers walk and runners use a running and walking combination as they ascend. We do 1.5 ascents and descents of the 22-story building the first time and progress from there.


How Should I Dress?
It is cool in the basement (where we warm-up and cool down) because the garage is open, but it is not cold and it’s always dry. Inside the stairwells is warm. Shed down to shorts and tee shirt and bring a sweat towel with you. You should also BRING WATER.


Will it hurt my knees?
NO, not if they are okay now. YES if you have IT band or existing problems. Sometimes you can go up and take the elevator down and reap good benefits. If it hurts stop!